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Recently, Donghua University and Keqiao District signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and Donghua University established an innovation research institute in Keqiao to develop textile new materials, intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection for Keqiao textile industry. At present, the research institute located in the cross-border e-commerce industrial park of China Textile City has entered the renovation stage, and it can be settled in October at the earliest.

It is understood that there are currently three research institutes that have settled in colleges and universities in this way, and most of them are engaged in research and development of new textile materials. In addition, there are many enterprises involved in textile new materials in the whole region, which has become a new engine driving the development of Keqiao industry.

The Keqiao Textile Industry Technology Center of Jiangnan University, located on the 5th floor of the 6th floor of the Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park of China Textile City, has already had technicians stationed in the office.

The technology center is jointly built by Jinkeqiao Science and Technology City and Jiangnan University. It consists of intelligent manufacturing design and R&D center, advanced material research and development center, green chemical research and development center, ecological dyeing and finishing technology research and development center, product testing and analysis center and smart wear. The 6 major experimental and transformation platforms, such as the R&D Center, have a batch of modern scientific research equipment. The center relies on the Ministry of Education and the national “211 Project” to build a university--Jiangnan University and its light industry science and technology “double-class” national key construction discipline group, mainly including advanced textile fiber materials, new green dyeing and finishing technology, Fashion clothing. Research, development and technology promotion of design, smart textile manufacturing inspection technology and next-generation smart wearable textiles.

Through the fruitful achievements of Jiangnan University in the field of light industry and light textile, and taking advantage of the geographical advantages of Keqiao District's global textile base, we will promote the arrival of scientific research achievements of schools and the entry of high-level talents into Keqiao for innovation and entrepreneurship; and through the promotion of new high value-added products. The industry competitiveness of local enterprises; contributing to the economic transformation of Keqiao District.

In addition, the Keqiao District Xifang Textile Industry Innovation Research Institute, which was established by the Keqiao District Government and Xi'an Engineering University, is also located in the Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park of China Textile City. At present, the staff has also settled. The institute is based on key areas such as textile new materials, fashion (high-end) fabric apparel, and intelligent textile equipment. It brings together high-end scientific research resources, enhances collaborative innovation capabilities, and forms an innovative development system that integrates technologies, talents, capital, and market factors. Realize the effective combination of scientific research with enterprises and social capital, train a group of high-level innovative talents, and cultivate a batch of high-tech achievements.

The reporter also learned that the institute has set up a research and development laboratory in five directions, including functional fabric research and development center, green clean production research center, intelligent manufacturing research and development center, fashion research center, textile testing and service research center in Keqiao. platform. The establishment of "Graduate School" and engineer training base to promote the cultivation of industrial talents, combined with the industry direction of the Institute, to achieve the "2+1" training mode for postgraduate training. Xi'an Engineering University selects no less than 30 doctoral and above talents to stay in Keqiao every year, to carry out project research, scientific research results transformation, promote cooperation between the hospital and the institute, and join the alumni enterprises to introduce talents and projects.

In addition to high-end scientific research institutions, Keqiao District has also attracted many companies related to new materials to invest in venture capital. In the District Science and Technology Park, Zhejiang Yuewei New Material Technology Co., Ltd. settled in March this year, and the person in charge, Li Yinyong, is a returning US returnee. He told reporters that the company is currently developing nano-cellulose, which is widely used in anti-fog sprays, coatings, glasses, automotive glass, etc., and has a good view in foggy days. In addition, nano-cellulose can also be used for the insulation and warmth of clothing, for outdoor clothing under extremely cold conditions, instead of down jacket, it is lighter and thinner. The company is currently developing a foam that can adsorb contaminants and adsorb pollutants in the atmosphere in the form of a filter membrane. There is already a power plant in the province that is working with the company.

It is understood that there are more than 80 enterprises that have new textile materials in the region. The new materials industry is becoming a new growth driver in our district. Our district is promoting new materials industry by introducing talents, cultivating leading enterprises and setting up service platforms. development of.

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